I did not know Andrea previously, she has become a great person and friend to us, she is a loving coach to children and very professional with a figure skating knowledge and teaching methods surpassed by none. Teaching my daughter for 6 years since she was 3 years old, my daughter has always been happy, improving with every lesson, and accomplishing her personal goals on the ice. Even during off ice practice and especially during competetions, she was always thrilled to be with Andrea.
- Winnie Fell

As a mom of two former skaters coached by Andrea, I can honestly state that Andrea's guidance made both my son and my daughter more responsible, more independent, and more determined in everything they do. Andrea's success with young people goes way, way beyond merely teaching them to ice skate well.  She helps mold them into champions in life!
- Jan Strakele

Andrea was SUCH a fun teacher! She was my instructor for 6 years. She was always friendly and excited about teaching. She explained everything easily and was a great spotter while I was learning new jumps. She was also really involved in my life outside of skating. She would have lunch with my family and me, visit us at home, and encourage me in things outside of ice skating. She wasn't just a teacher. She became a family friend who I keep in touch with, even though I stopped skating competitively over 10 years ago! If you get a chance to learn from Andrea, take it, take it, take it!!! You will have such an awesome skating experience with Andrea as your instructor!
- Anna Strakele

I remember watching Andrea skate during our lessons and wishing I could be as graceful as she was. She helped me get pretty close! She instructed me all through my beginning courses and into my intermediate ones. Being a few years older than most of the other girls in my skating classes discouraged me a lot. I felt out of place at times. But Andrea continued to encourage me, and I progressed very quickly because of her. She put just as much dedication into teaching me as I put into learning how to skate. I would recommend Andrea as an instructor to anyone -- of any age or level. She helped me transform from an awkward preteen into a more confident, graceful girl.
Alyssa Matesic

Matthew has been with Coach Andrea for about 3 years. Under her coaching, he has won many 1st place medals and has learned many new jumps and spins. For a parent, she has kept me informed of all his progress and competitions. Coach Andrea has always responded to my texts or e-mails within minutes. We appreciate her expertise and patience. Most of all, she is a wonderful person.
- Cindi Lin

Ms. Andrea is an amazing coach. She was my coach for 10 years and throughout those years, I always felt like I was improving. She motivated me to be the best I could be and each day was an opportunity to grow. I grew to love skating and I can honestly say that Ms. Andrea helped me to find my passion. She not only made me a champion, but also made me a great person. I'm grateful to have had such a loving and positive role model in my life.
- Marylin Cai

Andrea is one of those rare individuals that are not only passionate at what they do, but are compassionate to the people they touch.  Years ago, when we interviewed her to be my daughter’s skating couch she told me and my daughter that she would be there come thick or thin as a coach, mentor, and big sister.  She meant it.  She is a gem.
Emily Hollis

We know most skaters are going for the gold. We believe Andrea is an excellent instructor for that goal. However, we were the skaters who were in it for the beauty and pleasure. Our first exposure to Andrea was in a group class and it went very well. When my daughter was practicing later that week Andrea was on the ice and noticed Sarah was a lefty. I'll never forget that Andrea took time to reinstruct her on how to address a couple of elementary turns and jumps relative to being a lefty. Special attention warmed our hearts. We used one other instructor for private lessons for a short stint but decided Andrea was a much better fit. We highly recommend Andrea for skating for the gold!
Sarah and Beverly

My goal is to create champions and to be a positive influence for my students and colleagues.

~ Andrea Larsson





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